About Us

For investors, Congress Springs Real Estate, a.k.a. Astute Realty, Inc. offers commercial and residential real estate services.  The Managing Broker, Stuart Campbell, has owned and operated an independent brokerage from inception in 1997.
After incorporating in 2007, we assembled a team of shrewd negotiators to serve our clients.  All of our realtors have owned and operated businesses before and they know the hard work and dedication it takes to prevail in competitive situations.  Their varied backgrounds include Masters of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate degrees, and years of experience within the banking industry. 
We offer artful negotiation and staging skills as well as more technical property valuation, cost estimating, and tax avoidance.  We offer clients strong negotiators with a higher sense of ethics and loyalty.
We live and work where real estate begins -- locally.
Astute Realty, Inc. a California Real Estate Brokerage Lic. #02012817